Fact Sheet

Developer: Sandwich Generation
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Founding Date: February 2018

Game: LazerGrrl
Intended Release Date: October, 15th 2018
Platforms: Browser / WebGL
Price: Free
ESRB: Everyone 10+

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LazerGrrl is a fast-paced, base-combat strategy game focused on the player versus player experience. Find the right balance between building your own base, and blasting your opponent's.

The nostalgia of classic local PVP games.

You'll need Lazer-quick reflexes and even quicker wits to win. Take control of resource points, connect them to your base, and gather energy in order to power the strongest weapons. Counter your opponents strategy and watch with glee as their plans for victory explode in their face!

Become the best!

Join our Discord channel, where we organize tournaments for our amazing community. You will find other players you can challenge in our online mode to see who is the best LazerGrrl player, and maybe become the new Lazer Master!



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Sandwich Generation is an indie games studio that started in 2018 to continue a personal project of one of its founders. This project grew to become the companies' first game, LazerGrrl. Since then, they have been building a passionate team of highly skilled individuals who are compelled to work on games for the sheer love of it. The medium of computer games is potentially the most powerful one available to any artist. Sandwich Generation strives to choose fitting projects for this medium and work with the mediums strengths rather than against them.


Brian McElroy – Game Designer, Director, Programmer

Pablo Bredow – 2D Artist, Graphic designer

Peter Jones - Sound Designer

Jairo Lopes (Nocht Communications) – Business Developer, PR and Marketing

Michael Zytkow – Business Developer, PR and Marketing